Suicide Cleaning | Death Cleaning & Unattended Death Clean-ups

Melbourne crime Scene Cleaning provides a superior biological remediation for suicide cleaning, deaths and unattended deaths remediation. Our technicians are trained for any situations involving the death and biological hazardous and are able to assist you in Melbourne and all regional Victoria, year-round, 24/7.

Why Suicide and Death Scene Cleaning is a Professional’s Job

After death, unattended death or suicide, the body begins to decompose only 15 minutes after the heath stops beating. If left unattended for a day or weeks, bodily fluids will start leaching into in the floor, walls, sub-flooring and furnishings. Insects, such as flies and cockroaches will be attracted and laying their eggs around the decomposing body, which as a result, speeds up the decomposition even more.

Unattended Deaths and Suicide Cleaning Situations exposes property owners and occupants to severe health risks through the exposure to blood borne pathogens. This can happen with direct contact with scratches and sores, accidental injury from biological waste, inhalation and exposure from blood and biohazardous fluids to the mouth, eyes or nose.

Why Choose Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning for Post-Death Remediation Clean | Suicide Clean up

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning are experts in Forensic, Crime Scene Cleaning and Biological Remediation Services. We have a wide-ranging experience in cleaning, disposing, sanitising, and remediating Crime Scenes, Suicide Scenes, Unattended Deaths and Biohazard Scenes. Our clients choose us because of our reliable, methodical and prompt cleaning services, whether in involves death and suicide cleaning, or disposing of biological waste.

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning will perform a Post Death Cleaning and Remediation to make sure all affected areas are treated and sanitised completely to safe levels, as well as eliminating any unpleasant odours from the scene. At the end, our technicians will produce a report will a full listing of items and contents, restored or not.

Very often, this will require removal and disposal of items, furniture or personal belongings too contaminated to be cleaned and removal of porous and permeable materials such as carpets, bedding and carpets.

Surfaces are decontaminated and cleaned using industry specific blood removal chemicals and antimicrobial disinfecting agents. This will ensure no cross contamination will happen in the property.

It is imperative that you do not attempt to clean biological hazardous areas by yourself as you may exposure yourself to life threatening diseases orally, through inhalation or potential injury, or by touching contaminated areas without your knowledge.


Forensic Cleaning Crime Scene cleaning image

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Crime Scene Cleaning

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Suicide Cleanup

Suicide Cleaning

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