Mould Removal & Remediation

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning can assist you in prompt, reliable and professional Mould Removal and Mould Remediation work to Melbourne and all suburbs in Victoria.

Mould Removal and Remediation Melbourne

Effectively treating mould involves removing existing areas of growth, and clearing the air of potentially harmful spores in the air, to avoid another outbreak occurring in your home. Higher levels of mould spores in the air may cause illness when exposure continues over time.

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaners offer speedy and effective Mould Cleaning and remediation, using our specialist equipment and trained cleaners. We can clean both buildings and individual items affected by mould growth, restoring items and spaces back to a clean and healthy state.

Mould growing in your property can pose you to certain health risk and has to be address as soon as the mould is spotted. Not only mould offers an unpleased sight and odour, but you are also at risk at inhaling mould spores through the air in a contaminated room.

As a leader in Biological Remediation Services Company, Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning has internationally trained technicians that can handle the problem for you.

We offer 24/7 emergency mould remediation solutions for individuals and businesses. If water is leaking in your property, mould can spread rapidly and produce allergens that can worsen your health quickly.

Melbourne Mould Removal Company Technician clearning carpet and flooring

Why Cleaning Mould Should Be Left to Experts Only

If there is water leaking in your home and the ventilation is poor, mould can grow and spread quickly. When mould is visible, it is possible that the root is somewhere else.

If you suspect your property has been infested with mould, we are available 24/7 and here to help you as soon as possible.

Our Mould Remediation Technicians are able to carry an effective mould inspection to reveal all affected areas in a property. Our process provided by the nation’s top biological remediation technicians is multi-faceted and includes a proven cleaning regimen.

An initial mould inspection provides you with an outline, with a clear and detailed picture of our action plan for cleaning mould in your home or business premises.

It is crucial that the mould cleaning process start as soon as possible when mould has been identified. Our Mould Removal technicians will ensure that mould will be removed and cleaned from your belongings and furniture and can ensure no contaminants are left. Our IICRC-certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment, industry-approved products and the latest techniques for cleaning mould.

Our Proven Mould Cleaning Process

As one of Australia’s and Victoria’s most experience Biological and Mould Remediation company, we use state-of-art mould remediation equipment and techniques.

Our Process involves the 6 following steps:

  1. Property-Wide Visual Inspection: Our process starts with an initial inspection of all areas in the property, including interior and exterior materials. We cover foundations, gutters, crawlspaces and basements
  2. High-Tech Thermal Scanning: We are able to locate mould and moisture behind walls, ceiling and crawlspaces through our infrared cameras and state-of-the-art equipment
  3. Sample Collection for Analysis: Our technicians follow an industry-approved collection method. Often, we bring a mould hygienist to perform spore counts and take additional analysis samples
  4. Reporting Results: Our lab tests will be shared to you by our mould inspectors as well as recommendations for the next steps to take on your part. If the initial inspection reveals an important mould problem and if you decide to move on with the remediation process, our technicians are able to commence the mould remediation process right away
  5. Complete Mould Remediation: A DIY is not recommended as non-experts will often treat the symptoms but not the root cause of the problem. Our technicians are able to deal with the source of the problem and ensure that your belongings are disposed or, when possible restored to their original condition
  6. Post-Remediation Confirmation: After completing a Mould Remediation, our technicians will conduct a final inspection of your property. Air samples will be collected to ensure no mould spores are left remaining in your property.


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