Hoarding Cleaning, Squalor and Filthy Houses Cleaning

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning also provides a Victoria-wide service for all hoarding, squalor and gross filth situations. Our trained technicians are available 24/7 and will ensure to promptly and successfully remediate any affected property.

Hoarding, squalor and gross filth environments involve biohazards such as blood, sharps, animal faeces and urine and other substances that could carry dangerous diseases. Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning trained technicians also have extensive experience in hoarder cleaning and filthy houses remediation and leave your home in a biological and environmentally safe state. We understand the sensitive nature of hoarding scenes and carry our actions with discretion and compassion for all parties involved.

Hoarder Cleaning Services and Gross Filthy Houses Cleaning | Hoarders Help Australia

Very often, hoarding, squalor and gross filth contaminated properties are filled with sharp objects and hazardous materials buried beneath the mess.

Our Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning technicians have found mould, insect infestations, human waste and rodent droppings in many homes. All of these items pose a great health risk and have to be cleaned or disposed immediately.

We understand the psychological factors at play and carefully work with the resident to have them involved in the solution, and it is with that knowledge that our technicians enter a hoarder property.

During the disposal process, we safeguard all the items that have perceived or real value such as collectables, family photographs, cash, antiques or jewellery.

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning have a wide range of experience cleaning biologically threatening environments and our technicians ensure that no clutter is left behind. As an accredited and insured biohazard disposal and remediation company, we able to provide complete solutions for hoarding scenes.

Our Deep Cleaning Process | Hoarder Cleaning, Squalor and Gross Filth Cleaning

Melbourne Crime Scene Cleaning takes many steps further the process of cleaning with sanitising and deep cleaning after the waste has been removed.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and practices ensure no there is no remains of the hoarding scene left behind, which includes any unpleasant odours lingering.

Our technicians are professional and highly experienced in various situations requiring biological and biohazard cleaning. We ensure any objects, items and any materials around the home are either disposed, donated or kept based on the client’s needs.

If real estate agents or government officials have got your house tagged or subject to inspection, we will work will the enforcing party to clearly understand their concerns and present a plan to mitigate further legal action and ultimately clean out the home so you can safely return with a fresh start or prepare the home for sale.


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